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Hello friends! We have brought Haryana Complete Handwritten Notes for you to make your upcoming competitive exams ready. You will get this Haryana GK Complete Handwritten Notes PDF in Hindi language.

Haryana General knowledge is available, in which Haryana general knowledge is available, with the help of which general knowledge can be asked through this notes for many exams related to Haryana general knowledge and sponsored from this state, because all available in pdf Important Haryana Handwritten Notes PDF has been kept.

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Important Questions :

1.Which district in Haryana is not covered by the Shivalik mountains?

Ans. Rohtak

2. What is the climate of Haryana?

Ans Sub-tropical dry continent climate

3. How much rain falls in the mountainous regions in the northern parts of Haryana?

Ans 200 cm

4.What is the average temperature during winter in Haryana?

Ans12 ° C

5. Where did the processions take place against the misbehavior of the police officer in the year 1995?

Ans Sirsa

6.Who claimed the throne after the death of King Udai Singh of Kaithal in 1843 AD?

Ans Gulab Singh

7.In which district did the Arya Samaj influence over Jats?

Ans Rohtak

8.The blockade was set up by the British on April 10, 1843, around which city and seven checkpoints?

Ans Kaithal

9 which city and seven checkpoints?

Ans Kaithal

10.Which part of Haryana gets most of its irrigation due to rainfall?

Ans North-eastern part

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